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Helicopter or Airplane

Our Aviation Crash Lawyers Will Fight For You

General Aviation Crashes

If you’re looking for representation in your case, you should ensure that your defense team has expertise in both international and domestic aviation laws. On top of that, it’s important to be knowledgeable about avionics, aircraft design, and plane procedures to make sure that you’re set up for success and have a solid argument.

Andy Payne, one of the partners of our firm, has been an active pilot for over 30 years, making him a wealth of knowledge in the world of aviation law.

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Military Plane Accidents

If you have recently been involved in a military plane or helicopter crash, our team of attorneys have the legal skills that you need to win a fair settlement. Women and men who spend time in the military are under the same safety regulations and protections as regular civilians, and we want to help those who represent our country to get the justice they deserve after an accident.

Our team of military accident lawyers have conducted aviation investigations involving the following circumstances:

  • Pilot error
  • Mechanical failure
  • Flawed design
  • Improper maintenance

Let us take your settlement to court so you don’t have to.

Commercial Airplane Crashes

We pride ourselves on having one of the most preeminent commercial airplane crash attorney teams in the country. Not only do our lawyers make it a point to stay up-to-date with Federal Aviation Administration regulations, but they are also stay cognizant of:

  • International treaties
  • Flying procedures
  • Aviation technology
  • Airline accident policies
  • Airline accident procedures

Trust us – we’ve got you covered.

Helicopter Accidents

Helicopters have different guidelines from other types of aviation machinery because they have far more moving parts than a fixed wing aircraft. Due to the extra technicality in helicopter accident cases, it involves your lawyers to have new levels of insight in order to help best build a strong defence.

On the bright side, if you are in need of a helicopter crash attorney, we have the experience required to succeed andare here to show you the way and give you the best representation possible.

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Know Your Rights

Everyone knows that traveling by air is one of the most reliable forms of transportation imaginable. When an airplane accident occurs, it is usually investigated extremely thoroughly as to ensure the safety of others moving forward.

If you or a loved one was involved in an airplane accident that was caused by any of the following factors, you have the right to secure a knowledgeable aviation crash lawyer:

  • Mechanical failure
  • Human error
  • Negligence

Our team of helicopter crash lawyers have a record of winning settlements for people who have lost family or have been injured themselves.

If your family has been impacted by a commercial aviation accident, it’s within your right to secure a judgment in favor of you and your family, which starts with seeking legal counsel as soon after an incident as possible, who can help to monitor the investigations in real-time.

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Win Big Settlements

In terms of monetary damages, each state has its own rules and regulations regarding how much you can be compensated. Historically, we have seen compensation for our clients for the following:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost earnings
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disability
  • Disfigurement

Additionally, in the most unfortunate of cases, our team of aviation crash lawyers can help a victim’s descendant inherit a large amount of compensation for their estate. In light of a wrongful death case, our lawyers can even help a victim’s estate receive compensation for past and future…

  • Lost earnings
  • Medical expenses
  • Funeral expenses
  • Pain and suffering

Although a substantial financial settlement isn’t enough to replace a loved one, it can give you some peace of mind when you need it the most.

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Settle Cases Quickly

If you have been in or affected by an airplane accident, we want to help take off the pressure from you and your family about making a decision about pursuing a compensation claim. If you’re mourning the loss of a loved one or recovering from injuries, we want that to be your number one priority, while we help to handle the rest.

It is, however, important to note that each state, province, subdivision, and country has a strict deadline for aviation accident lawsuits, so reaching out quickly, while it seems daunting, is of high importance.

We understand that learning about the statute of limitations for air crashes can be extremely confusing on top of everything else that goes along with incidents like these, which is why we highly recommend that you seek out the guidance of a plane accident lawyer before your deadline is up. When you reach out to us, we can help you to best understand the process and provide you with information about aviation crash law policies under your respective jurisdiction.

Attempting to sue a governmental entity, pilot, or airport is difficult, but can be more effective with the right plane crash attorney by your side.


Why Should I Hire Payne Mitchell Law Group?

With more than 20 years of experience, we have excelled at settling dozens of aviation crash cases related to wrongful deaths or injuries. You’re in good hands under the guidance of founding partner Andy Payne, not only because of his vast history in aviation as a pilot, but because of his strong track record for getting justice for the victims of incidents like these.

Board-Certified Legal Team

Andy Payne is a double board-certified lawyer. He is certified to practice personal injury trial law by the National Board of Trial Advocacy and the Texas Board of Legal Specification.

In addition to this, Payne is also a member of the American Board of Trial Advocates. Simply put, Payne joins under one percent of national attorneys who hold this distinction.

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That’s why we are your ultimate source for winning settlements crash-related injuries, loss of income, and more. Call us now for a free case evaluation!

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About Us

At Payne Mitchell, we pride ourselves on taking on selective, strong cases that will bring change and justice not only to our clients, but help to promote safety within the airline industry for travelers in the future.

Behind every case we take on, we are sincerely motivated to fight for our client’s rights and justice, with a motivation to convince each jury that our position is correct.

We put not just our hearts and souls into each case and cause that we represent, but we also combine them with thorough investigation, and experience.

Our aviation crash lawyer team will meet personally with every single client before taking on their case. We believe that by taking caution, we increase our chances of reaching a successful outcome while developing a strong relationship with our client. Fighting for your rights truly motivates us, driving us to convince many jurors that our client is correct.

Oftentimes, plane crash lawsuit defendants want to limit exposure of their case as much as they can. To achieve this goal, they hide witnesses, documents, and information. This explains why we are so relentless in pursuing the proper evidence, promoting transparency and justice for all.

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How Much Money Can I Receive From My Plane or Helicopter Crash Settlement?

In most cases, you will receive a settlement that will compensate you for any lost income if the defendant is found to be guilty. In terms of “elements of harm,” your settlement amount will vary depending on which jurisdiction you are located in.

However, those who have gone through severe personal injuries will usually be reimbursed for legal fees by the defendant. This includes past and future:

  • Medical care
  • Lost earnings
  • Pain and suffering

Your spouse may also have the right to a loss of consortium award in court.

If you have lost a loved one in a plane crash accident recently, recovering starts with financial support and assistance. That’s not all.

You might also be eligible to receive the following damages:

  • Loss of prospective inheritance
  • Loss of companionship
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress, mental anguish, and grief damages

In the event that a plane or helicopter crash accident was truly egregious, you might even be able to receive a punitive damages award.

Where Can I File My Plane Crash Lawsuit?

In general, helicopter and airplane crash lawsuits require close consideration of several different factors. This will help the courtroom decide where the best state and city is to file the case. Most of these factors are specific to each customer and the circumstances surrounding their case.

It’s vital to keep in mind essential elements such as:

  • Where the witnesses are located
  • The profiles and backgrounds of potential jurors in a region
  • The damage caps and laws in any given state
  • The ability to receive the widest range of damages for personal injuries

Don’t be surprised if your aviation crash case is litigated in a jurisdiction outside of your home state, but not to worry, your airplane crash case can be successfully represented anywhere in the country with the right team on your side.

Should Victims of Aviation Crashes Discuss Settlements With the Insurance Company or the Airline?

Commercial airlines and their insurers have trained professionals to represent their best interests. Meanwhile, most airplane and helicopter crash victims and their loved ones know very little about their own rights. As a matter of fact, it is not uncommon for families to skip litigation altogether, opting for a quick settlement instead.

Even though this solution might work out temporarily in the short-term, it most likely won’t work out in the long run, resulting in more harm than good. Letting insurance representatives negotiate with families on their own can be a recipe for disaster.

For the best chance at getting the compensation you deserve, it’s important to hire a qualified airplane crash attorney with trial and settlement experience. Once you have secured representation, all you will need to do is direct the airline’s insurance company to speak with your lawyer whenever you need an open line of communication.

Because of the complexity of airplane accidents, these lawsuits involve several parties and questions about:

  • What happened
  • Who was responsible
  • How disputes should be solved

Between our legal team of pilots and engineers, we should be able to evaluate your plane crash case before you know it. We have no problem advising you of what your legal rights are as well.

Additionally, our aviation crash lawyers are only paid a small percentage of what is settled. That means that their monetary interests lineup exceptionally well with their customers too. The best part is that we charge the smallest percent for legal fees on the market.

You might be shocked to discover that our rates are much lower than you would think for these types of cases.

How Much Time Does It Take to Settle a Helicopter or Plane Crash Case?

Because of the complexity of most aircraft crashes, it could take a couple of months before reaching any conclusions. While some aviation crash cases settle soon after they are brought to court, others can take years to pan out.

Our general rule of thumb is that it shouldn’t take longer than two years for a court to settle your case. The good news is that you won’t have to do much during this waiting period. That’s because our experienced aviation crash lawyer team will do everything from:

  • Conduct legal investigations
  • Gather evidence
  • Perform research
  • Prosecute lawsuits

Besides a deposition, the only thing that you will have to worry about is conducting settlement discussions while your case is pending. With our team of experts, your concerns about trials and litigation will disappear soon. Simple as that!