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If you or someone you love has been in an aviation accident, the first thing that you should do is contact an attorney and retain counsel that you can rely on to handle your sensitive case. Once you place your case in the hands of a qualified plane crash attorney, you can focus on what’s important in life – healing and recovering.

Not only can we help you in commercial or small airplane accidents, but our team is also experienced with complex helicopter crash cases and is available to meet your needs. From filing your case to arguing it in court, our helicopter crash lawyers will fight to get you the largest settlement possible.

As one of the leading aviation crash law groups in the nation, we work hard to compensate you for injuries sustained from your incident. Let us help you seek justice for your plane crash case today!

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Decades of Experience With Plane Crash Cases

At Payne Mitchell Law Group, we have decades of experience handling plane crash cases. For example, other airplane crash cases that we have handled include:

  • The King Air Turboprop crash case against a pilot that killed all occupants
  • The Robinson R-44 Helicopter crash in San Diego that injured a young woman
  • The Air Tractor AT-802 aircraft product liability case that put passengers at risk in Barcelona, Spain

We believe that it’s important for the victims of an airplane accident to retain the counsel of a knowledgeable and experienced plane crash lawyer in their time of need, who has the resources to help navigate complex airplane crash cases from start to finish and get you the compensation you deserve.


Specialists in All Types of Aviation Cases

We work to help clients across the nation, teaching every airplane crash survivor about aviation liability. In addition to this, we have represented everyone from crewmembers to passengers in the following crashes:

  • Private airplane crashes
  • Small airplane crashes
  • Corporate jet crashes
  • Helicopter crashes

We deal with all sorts of airplane-related cases, not just those that involve serious crashes or injuries. If you or someone you know has been injured in an aviation accident, we highly recommend that you contact a lawyer if you have been hurt by plane propeller or injured while managing an aircraft.

When it’s time to file your aviation liability case in court, we’ll be with you every step of the way.


How It Works

Step One: Free Case Evaluation & Agreement

To get started, contact us to schedule a free case evaluation. Not only will we patiently review your case, but we will also provide an estimate for our legal services. Once we reach an agreement, we will draft up a contract and ask you and any parties involved to sign it.

Step Two: Explain Losses and/or Injuries

To get a better understanding of your case, we will speak with you about the losses and/or injuries that you or your loved ones have sustained.

Commonly, injuries sustained from an airplane crash can include those to the head, neck, and limbs, as well as internal damage. In the case of a fire or loss of cabin pressure, those can also lead to respiratory injuries and/or burns as well. It is not uncommon for those who have survived an airplane crash to experience strokes or heart attacks from problems in the air, as well.

We ask that you prepare as much as you can in the way of medical records and symptoms, as we can use this to help build your case, and help you receive compensation for the pain and suffering you have experienced.

Step Three: Discovering What Caused the Accident

Next, we our team will begin building your case by working alongside agencies like the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and consulting to help identify whether a part on the aircraft caused the crash, what the condition of the plane was, and if it is believed to have been an error caused by the pilot or natural conditions.

Research shows that pilot error is responsible for up to half of all plane crashes, but other contributing factors can include:

  • Poor weather conditions
  • Visibility problems due to a storm or ice
  • Mechanical failure

Step Four: Finding out Who Is at Fault

Not just to ease the mind of those involved and affected by a plane or helicopter crash, but to also prevent future incidents, the next part of the case is to identify who is at fault for the accident.

Most commonly, airlines are found to be responsible for plane crashes and all resulting injuries. We will also file a negligence claim against an airline if the crash was caused by maintenance deficiencies or pilot error.

Suppliers of plane components and parts can also be held responsible. This is especially true if human injuries were caused by their defective products, including:

  • Defective designs
  • Manufacturing process errors
  • Failure to warn passengers about manufacturing dangers

From our perspective, responsibility is the cornerstone of our case. This helps us to figure out who should be held accountable for any damages.

Step Five: Receiving Compensation for Your Loss

The final step in your aviation crash case is receiving compensation for your loss. Sometimes, plane crashes involve extensive damages and severe injuries, both of which often lead to intense lawsuits.

From pilot error to wrongful death lawsuits, family and victims can receive millions of dollars in compensation. Many airlines also offer some form of monetary compensation of their own accord as well. Although international flights are governed by different laws, you might be eligible to receive $150,000 per victim lost.

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Why Should I Hire Payne Mitchell Law Group?

Your peace of mind is our top priority at Payne Mitchell Law Group. We know that aviation crashes can leave you and your loved ones feeling exposed and vulnerable.

When it comes to pursuing a plane crash case, timing is everything. Our experienced team will keep you in the loop and walk you through every step of the process.

Contact us now to schedule a free case evaluation or to discuss your aviation crash-related injuries.

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Professional Recommendations

“I endorse Andrew. He is a highly skilled attorney that is well respected in the legal community.”

– Michael Waddington


“I endorse this lawyer. Andy is a hard-working, brilliant attorney who cares about his clients. He is well prepared in the courtroom.”

– Tamra Williams


“Andy is one of the leaders of the personal injury practice in Dallas. He has great charm and represents his clients with passion because he cares. I endorse him with no reservations.”

– David M. Vereeke


“I endorse this lawyer. Andy is a very good and ethical attorney. He approaches each case with a pragmatic and pointed plan to develop the issues relevant to both liability and damages. His success speaks for itself.”

– Daryl L. Derryberry


“Andy is a skilled litigator who has achieved numerous successful outcomes for his clients. Having worked with Andy on several cases, I can say that he is one of the most highly respected product liability lawyers in the legal community, and this distinction is well deserved.”

– Craig Zips


“I endorse this lawyer. If you’ve got a high stakes case and need an attorney who knows what he’s doing, call Andy. You can’t go wrong.”

– Guy Irvin Wade



How Much Will It Cost to Handle My Plane Crash Case?

In wrongful death and personal injury lawsuits, it’s common for you to pay what is called a contingent legal fee. However, under our protective agreement, you will not have to pay an hourly rate for services from our aviation accident attorneys.

Instead, you will compensate your attorney for their time with a preset percentage of the settlement amount that you receive. Of course, this percentage will change depending on the exact circumstances of your case.If you sign up for a contingent fee agreement, we do not get paid unless you do. That means no financial settlement, no attorney fees.

Moving forward, the law firm that you have teamed up with will typically take care of all out-of-pocket expenses too. However, we do reserve the right to receive reimbursement for these expenses at the beginning or the conclusion of your case.


Do I Have to Pay a Fee For a Plane or Helicopter Crash Case Evaluation?

At Payne Mitchell Law Group, we strive to make airplane related-cases and settlements available to anyone in the United States, so we offer our plane crash case evaluations to prospective clients free of charge.

Please contact us at 214-441-6292 today for a free evaluation of your airplane crash case.


The Payne Mitchell Law Group Guarantee

All of our legal work is performed by qualified lawyers in the airplane crash litigation industry. Under the guidance of our founding partner, pilot Andy Payne, we will do our best to understand the ins and outs of your plane crash case every time and guarantee that you will be satisfied with our representation of your aviation litigation case.


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Losing a loved one or experiencing a major airplane accident is both traumatic and devastating. We want to help you in any way we can, whether it’s by helping award you compensation for injuries, lost income, or wrongful death.

Your safety and security matters to Payne Mitchell Law Group. It inspires us to fight difficult plane crash cases to bring justice to both victims and their families.

Since plane crash cases are time-sensitive, we encourage you to report your experience as soon as possible, so your case does not reach its statute of limitations before you have the opportunity to seek justice.

Call or contact us online now for your free plane crash case evaluation today.

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About Us

At Payne Mitchell, we pride ourselves on taking on selective, strong cases that will bring change and justice not only to our clients, but help to promote safety within the airline industry for travelers in the future.

Behind every case we take on, we are sincerely motivated to fight for our client’s rights and justice, with a motivation to convince each jury that our position is correct.

We put not just our hearts and souls into each case and cause that we represent, but we also combine them with thorough investigation, and experience.

Our aviation crash lawyer team will meet personally with every single client before taking on their case. We believe that by taking caution, we increase our chances of reaching a successful outcome while developing a strong relationship with our client. Fighting for your rights truly motivates us, driving us to convince many jurors that our client is correct.

Oftentimes, plane crash lawsuit defendants want to limit exposure of their case as much as they can. To achieve this goal, they hide witnesses, documents, and information. This explains why we are so relentless in pursuing the proper evidence, promoting transparency and justice for all.

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